Solving bakers limitations with highly efficient

Bakery and pastry kitchen

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Our commercial bakeries are stocked with state of the art equipment including a rotative oven, a large Hobart mixer, a multi-depositor, or a dough sheeter. Whether you are retailing or wholesaling, get ready to produce massive amounts of bread and pastries including croissants, cookies, macarons, cakes and more.

With our background in industrial baking, Yuri the owner will help in optimizing and industrializing your production, and get your business to the next level!

Bakery Equipment includes:

  • 80Qt Hobart Mixer
  • 20Qt AdCraft Mixer
  • Baxter Rotative Oven
  • Bakon tt drop Multi Depositor
  • Thunderbird Dough Sheeter
  • Double Deck bread Ovens
  • Proofers
  • Convection ovens
  • 6 burner stove

Wedding Cake Decorators:

Our kitchens are catering to your needs ! Come and showcase your piping skills! Our large fridge and oven can accommodate masterpieces! Small restaurant or tea rooms serving Los Angeles may produce their bakery needs in our kitchens. 

“We are proud to welcome a new addition to our bakery kitchen catering to bakers growing their cookie, macarons, and pastry production. It automates some of the tedious process of cookie-making. Check out the demo video here:” and makes our bakery kitchens even more efficient and relevant for your growing baking business.

Our bread kitchen has a double-deck oven a dough sheeter, some mixers and proofers. This is a high-yield, efficient kitchen at your fingertip! Our community can’t wait to smell the flavor our your fresh bread coming out of the oven !