Fully equipped and health department approved commercial kitchens

Highly efficient kitchens for start-ups and food businesses in development.

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Available by the hour, the day, or monthly

Rent a part-time or full-time kitchen ?

Shared kitchen, by the hour

Share the time, not the space: You get an entire kitchen to yourself with plenty of counter space. Rent by the day or sign up for an hourly plan. We have prep kitchens, filming, and cooking kitchens, bakeries, catering, commissary, and farmers market. Start or grow your business with our flexible plans! Join our community, our hourly plans start at $490 per month.

Private kitchens, monthly

Our full time kitchens come with most cooking and refrigeration equipment. We have different floor-plans for different applications: Catering, test kitchen, training, recipe development, meal plans, retail or wholesale. Some set-ups comes with walk-in refrigerators. Monthly rental start at $3,500 per month.

Health-department ready

Let us get your public health license from the county of Los Angeles for you. Our process is streamlined to get you approved and start cooking in days! Our onboarding team is ready to take your documents through our preferred line of communication.

Fully equipped

Our Commercial Kitchens come with large hood, private walk-ins. Each kitchen has a different set of industrial equipment: Rent the kitchens with ovens, stove, deck or pizza oven, fryer, flat grill and more, a loading dock, professional staff, 24/7 access, free wifi, trash, and pest control.

Open 24/7

Located in a commercial zone, from the kitchens to the loading dock or the pick-up patio, you can do business 24/7 when you lease our kitchens. State-of-the-art access control ensures remote, secured, and monitored access to our facilities.

Centrally located

Our ghost kitchens are blocks away from Downtown Los Angeles. near all the major freeways. the 110, 5, 60 and 10 freeway. Deliver in any part of town in no-time, and Orange County in 20 minutes. Convenient for caterers, wholesalers or meal planners.

Private Kitchen

We have full time kitchens for every use and speciality that can accommodate up to 8 chefs. Rent a high volume kitchen specially equipped for meal prep, a catering kitchen with a private walk-in fridge and reheating capacities.

Shared Kitchen

Share the time not the space! Book your private space through our scheduling platform and get a full kitchen just to yourself. We have kitchens with a hot line and cold rooms as well. Start with our 10 or 20 hours a month package, get your health department license through, and start your business the right way.

Bakery Kitchen

At DTLA Kitchens, we have 2 dedicated bakery spaces full of state of the art equipment one for wholesalers, and one retail. One for pastry with a rotative oven, and large mixers, one for bread and croissant. Mixers, dough sheeters, proofer, deck ovens, cookie depositor, name it, we have it!

One-time Event Kitchen & filming

For filming and special events, we keep a kitchen ready for you! Whether you are catering in LA for just 1 time, or need to shoot commercials, short videos you can Come, cook or film and go! Reach out for more details.

  • Private Kitchen
  • Shared Kitchen
  • Bakery Kitchen
  • One-time Event Kitchen & filming

DTLA Kitchens Success Stories

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Why DTLA Kitchens?

Our Commercial kitchens are licensed for caterers, bakery, meal planning, farmers market, delivery only restaurant using Ubereats or Doordash. 

  • Conveniently located in Los Angeles: Central, near the main freeways.

  • Allow to grow your business with lower costs, and efficient kitchens.

  • Ample kitchens above industry standards to offer the ability to comfortably establish your business.

Health licensed commissary kitchens ready for: Farmer’s market, Catering license, bakery, Wholesale license or food truck


Tenants that called DTLA Kitchens home

Oversized commercial kitchen with large hood, and private walk-ins.

1. Standard equipment in the kitchen

  • 6 burner gas range
  • Convection oven
  • Deep fryer
  • Stock pot range
  • Flat griddle
  • 2 Rational steam ovens
  • 20 qt Mixer
  • Meat Slicer

2. Key Building Amenities

  • Private walk-ins with dry, cold, or freezer storage
  • Large Kitchens, fully equipped w/ Large Hoods
  • 24hr Access w/ Loading Dock
  • Professional Onsite Assistance
  • Free Wifi
  • Trash & Oil Pick-up
  • Mailbox Service
  • Delivery Patio for Why DTLA Kitchens ?
  • Weekly Cleaning Service

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    • Our kitchens are pre-inspected.
    • Our team has a preferred line of communication with the public health department of Los Angeles county. We will get you in your ghost kitchen in no time, and get you approved in days! Once we receive your paperwork. You will receive your public health permit in days.