Ideal for ghost kitchens, delivery only restaurants, meal prep or caterers

Full time Kitchens, equipped and pre-inspected

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Full-time private kitchen

Lease a kitchen to yourself!

Starting at $3500 per month. 

With our different layout and sizes, the kitchens come fully or partially equipped. Our kitchens are for lease on a yearly contract.

Each kitchen is individually metered for gas, water electricity so you pay for what you use.

Some kitchens have their own private walk-in fridges. All renters may use the community fridge and freezer, perfect for ghost kitchens restaurants, cloudkitchens, or dark kitchens.

Kitchens for rent monthly, from our convenient location in Los Angeles are ideal for cloud kitchen concepts and virtual restaurants in need of long opening hours. Caterers, meal prepping wholesalers will appreciate its central location easy load-in and access to all the freeways.

Discover some examples our most efficient kitchen layout below

High Volume, Meal Prep Kitchen

Perfect for school meals, individual boxing of meal-prep, homeless meals, and any high volume kitchen. Benefit from plenty of counter space for individual boxing, fast, easy packing, and the convenience of a large walk-in refrigerator inside your unit.

Equipment Includes:

  • 40 Gallon Steam Kettle
  • Walk-in refrigerator
  • Fryer
  • Double convection Oven
  • 6 burner Stove

Catering, production or delivery-only kitchen

Ideal for caterers, wholesalers or busy delivery-only restaurants.
Benefit for a large ample kitchen with room for more refrigeration and/or more specialized equipment. Use our community fridge and freezer to store your produce or finished products.

Equipment Includes:

  • Flat Grill or Charbroiler
  • Fryer
  • 2 Convection ovens
  • 6 Burner stove
  • Prep Table

Bakery, pastry kitchen or pizza Kitchen

This is a baker's wonderland!
Everything needed to mass produce bread, pastries, croissants and more! Wholesale your production to shops and retails, distribute through farmers Market, or open your own tea room anywhere in town!

Equipment Includes:

  • 2 bread / deck ovens
  • Proofer
  • Dough Sheeter
  • 2 Mixers
  • 6 Burner stove
  • 2 Convections ovens
  • Walk-in Refrigerator
  • Meal Prep kitchen
  • Catering Kitchen
  • Bakery Kitchen
All kitchens are pre-inspected

Our team has a preferred line of communication with the public health department of Los Angeles county. We will get you in your ghost kitchen in no time, and get you approved in days! Once we receive your paperwork. You will receive your public health permit in days.


Created by a food professional with 15+ years of experience, this is a Chef's paradise. Discover what DTLA kitchens can do for your food business.

Here are some of the convenient amenities you'll find at DTLA Kitchens

  • Centrally located near all the major freeways
  • 24/7 access
  • Delivery patio for delivery only restaurants
  • Comes with state of the art equipment, some with a walk-in refrigerator.
  • Individually metered for gas, electricity, and water
  • Additional community cold and dry storage
  • Bakery, ice cream room, and more on site
  • Plenty of parking for employees and pick-up
  • Large kitchens that can accomodate up to 8 chefs.